Jammin’ Strawberry Fields Salad | Kelle B Jammin’

Bowl of Strawberries by Kelle B

The weather could not have been any more wonderful to make this fast and easy salad accompanied with a dressing made from my Strawberry Balsamic Jam!

Most ingredients used can be purchased at the Strawberry Festival!


Jammin’ Strawberry Fields Salad

Serves 4


  1. In a jar combine 2 T. jam, 2 T. vinegar and 1 T. oil; put the lid on and shake vigorously until blended.
  2. In a bowl drizzle the dressing along the sides of the bowl, add your spring lettuce mix and toss lightly until the lettuce is coated.
  3. Serve up in salad bowls and top with fresh strawberries, bacon, & feta.
  4. Enjoy! (With the knowledge that you’ve supported local businesses!)

Lubbock’s Strawberry Festival

Photo Apr 03, 9 56 50 PM

Put April 9th in your calendar with an extra star beside it!

The Strawberry Festival is an event that only comes once a year and man do those strawberries go FAST so plan on getting there early! Vikram Baliga, Lubbock County Horticulture Agent, has teamed up with the Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market to host this great event down in the ole Hub of Lubbock (19th & Buddy Holly Ave.).


Be on the look-out for all the great producers and businesses that will be in attendance (especially me, Kelle B!).  It’s going to be a  great preview of vendors and their products/produce that we can look forward to seeing during the summer and fall Farmers Market (June 18th-October 15th).

Strawberry Jam by Kelle B Jammin'

After you get your strawberries, come on over to my booth and I’ll have all of my strawberry jams available for purchase that can be used not only for your biscuits but for your salads too!

Kelle B Jammin' Strawberry Jams