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Jammin' Cherry Coke Float | KelleB Jammin' So, as some of you may know, Saturday was Farmers Market day and so all week I had been jammin’ up a storm and needless to say, I was a little tuckered out! Later that night was book club and I was trying to think of a great sweet treat to round out the evening.  My friend was making beef tenderloin, because that is how she rolls, so I was trying to think of something that would be decadent, but simple, to compliment such an amazing menu! All I could think of were complex deserts that heated up the house with my oven. Being lazy, I kept on thinking…

As I kept pondering what to do, time ticking down, I recalled telling someone at the farmers market that a jam coke float would be delightful! A twist on a fabulous classic! Decision made, I decided to make my book club friends jam recipe guinea pigs! Thank you ladies!

Jammin' Cherry Coke Float: Ingredients | KelleB Jammin' On my way out the door I snagged a jar of KelleB Jammin’ Cherry Vanilla Bean Jam that I had just made that week and then popped into Walgreens on my way to my friend’s house.  I grabbed some mini cokes, good quality vanilla ice cream and some bendy straws! Very retro, fun, and simple! Perfect for a summer get together with friends!The Money Shot! Jammin' Cherry Coke Float | KelleB Jammin'

I started with a dollop of jam (this could be any flavor, but I decided to go with cherry because of the greatness that is cherry coke), then a scoop of ice cream, another dollop of jam, another bit of ice cream and then rounded it off with another plop of jam.  Next, just pour that fantastically fizzy coke in and watch it foam!

Not too big of a mess! | KelleB Jammin'Put some straws in it and have a wonderful reminiscent moment! Easy, fast and definitely not your Mama’s coke float!

Even kids love a jam coke float!| KelleB Jammin'
Even my friend’s adorable little brown haired daughter gave it a try and thought it wasn’t too shabby!

I hope you try out this recipe and let me know what you did to make it your own! Enjoy!



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