Holiday Quick Fix Recipe: PB&J Cookie Sandwiches | Kelle B Jammin’

Are you stressed out about what to bring to Saturday’s Christmas party? Is your pot luck a little unlucky? Don’t have time to spend slaving away in the kitchen with your hectic holiday schedule?  Kelle B Jammin’ has you covered with a sweet treat that will have everyone from kids to adults Jonesing for another PB&J!

Kelle B Jammin’s Peanut Butter Cookie & Jam Sandwiches

Kelle B Jammin' Peanut Butter & Jam CookieThis semi-homemade recipe is as quick and easy and mouthwatering as picking something up pre-made… ok maybe not THAT easy, but they are easy and taste like you slaved away in the kitchen all day!

All you need is a bag of peanut butter cookie mix and a jar of jam (Kelle B Jammin’ makes some seriously delish jams FYI!) and you are set!

How To : Kelle B Jammin' Peanut Butter & Jam Cookie
1. Make dough as directed on package, then scoop uniform balls of dough onto a cookie sheet. (Get the kiddos to roll them around to smooth out the ball). 2. Get a fork and stir it in some flour to help keep it from sticking when you make the hatch marks on top of the dough balls. 3. Press your fork in an X formation pretty firmly to get those deep hash marks. 4. Repeat till all cookies are hatched. 5. Sprinkle with colored sanding sugar for an extra little crunch and color (this is optional) and bake as directed on package.

Once these beauties have cooled, simply slather on your choice of jam flavor (you can be really adventurous with some and more tame with others… Strawberry Sriracha anyone? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it… I was a skeptic too!).

Kelle B Jammin' Peanut Butter & Jam CookieI usually put on about a heaping teaspoon of jam per sandwich, but adjust this amount based on your cookie size.

Kelle B Jammin' Peanut Butter & Jam Cookie

Kelle B Jammin' Cookie Jam StackPut their tops on, put them on a festive platter and voila! Super cute and quite delicious!

Kelle B Jammin' Peanut Butter & Jam Cookie
I had to make sure they were good enough to share… I think they might just be perfect for Santa’s midnight snack!

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