FUNky New Flavor, Jam Good Southern Recipe, & Lubbock Cattle Baron’s Ball | Kelle B Jammin’

There are so many exciting things happening in the Kelle B’ Jam World this summer! Summer harvests of bountiful fruits are starting to come in and I am so excited to see what fall has in store for me!  Here are a few tid bits to “jam on”!  We’ve got charity balls, funky new jam flavors coming out of the Kelle B Jammin’ Kitchen, and a simply southern staple for hot summer days!

Love & sweet summer tidings,

Kelle B

2015 Cattle Baron Ball

Kelle B Jammin' Gift Basket for Lubbock Cattle Baron's Ball 2015 | The American Cancer Society Fund Raiser

First, let me tell you about a new and exciting opportunity to win a Kelle B Jammin’ Jam Basket!  If you happen to be in Lubbock on July 25 and will be attending the 2015 Cattle Baron Ball (The American Cancer Society Fund Raiser), you will be among the people bidding on some pretty amazing auction items! One of those items, I am honored to say, happens to be this jam packed basket filled with 9 jams & 4 salts/rubs all from your favorite jam lady, Kelle B!  (Another Kelle B item up for bid is a 3 hour decorating consultation from Home by Kelle B!)

FUNky New Jam Flavor

Crab Apples & Fresh Sweet Corn | Kelle B Jammin'(R)Sometimes people ask me how I come up with such weird and different flavors (that manage to taste surprisingly good)…  The answer to this questions is simple… I just go with the flow!  I was in the kitchen cooking when my friend said she had some sweet corn that they’d just picked from their garden and did I want some. Uh, YES!!!! STAT! Then another friend of mine asked if I might like to take a ton of crab apples off his hands… to this I also said YES! I was trying to decide what to do with the crab apples when I put two and two together and came up with Crab Apple Sweet Corn Jam!

Crab Apple Sweet Corn Jam | Kelle B Jammin'(R) | Etsy ShopI know this sounds odd, but think about it… smothered on hot from the oven cornbread, or slathered onto a pork chop… bright and refreshing is what I’m talking about here folks!  When you first taste it, you can actually taste the corn; rather like a sweet creamed corn. Then as your taste buds go a bit further, you begin to taste the slightly tangy essence of the crab apples.  This would also be a great addition to a quick summer corn salad or even a bright and tangy salad vinaigrette!

Crab Apple Sweet Corn Jam | Kelle B Jammin'(R)

 Jam Good Southern Recipe

Kelle B Jammin's Peach Almond Jam

I don’t know if you can really call this a recipe, per say, but it is more of a quick fix serving suggestion.  There is absolutely nothing more Southern than iced tea on a hot Texas afternoon!  Add to that peaches and fresh mint and well, I think even the ladies from Steel Magnolias would approve!

Simply Southern Peach Tea

What you'll need to make Kelle B Jammin's Peach TeaHere’s what you’ll need:

Take your pitcher or a mason jar (makes for easy storing in the fridge and keeps it fresh) of water and add the tea bag. Luzianne Cold Brew is amazing and brews up super fast!  Regular tea bags are fine too and if you have time, sun tea is super fun and utterly southern!

Three (that’s right 3) minutes later, your tea is ready!  At this point you can add as much or as little jam as best fits your tastes.  For this 4 cup batch of tea I added 2 tablespoons of Kelle B Jammin’ Peach Almond jam as I like it pretty sweet and wanted a strong peach flavor.

Summer Quick Fix! Peach Tea with Mint | Kelle B Jammin' Peach Almond JamNow, dahlin’, simply get yourself some ice and pour yourself a tall drink of peach tea!  Add a sprig of mint to keep up with the southern style and ENJOY!


For a fun and refreshing summer cocktail, simply add some Pimms to your tea and enjoy! It’s a very British cocktail! Here’s a recipe from Epicurious that will give you some measurements.